Bracelet “Come Sun”

The bracelet is woven in the old technique without using looms. By specially treating threads they are made to have more density and endurance. The material used is wool and flax. Leather and a hand-made woven braid is used for the bracelets closure. The bracelet width is 5.5 cm, while the length is individual, according to the wishes of the customer.

As we know, our organism consists of a large amount of water. In various sources of literature are mentioned that the human body contains approximately 60% to 72% of water. It is located in both cells and between them, as well as in various body fluids – blood, lymph, etc. Many studies are also confirming that water is a carrier of information. When human is wearing the marks – painted, tattooed or as accessories, it’s recorded in the person.

The sign “Usins”


Usins is an ancient deity of light. The sign of the Usins symbolizes two horses leading the Sun into the mountain of the world. In turn the horse symbolizes the free will of the human being. As the heaven deity of light, Usins brings the rebirthed Sun, which is able to heal with its energy both the Earth and its living creatures. The Usins sign is also a defender of the horses, and hence a defender of free will, so it appears in various modifications in the articles, as well as in combination with other signs that transform and eliminate dark energy and erase information where free will is violated.

The ornament in the bracelet, brings solar energy, eliminates negative information and dense, dark energy. It works like a grinder, milling black, damaging grains. The bracelet should be carried on the left hand.