Bracelet “Layer by layer it settles”

The bracelet is woven in the old technique without using looms. By specially treating threads they are made to have more density and endurance. The material used is wool and flax. Leather and a hand-made woven braid is used for the bracelets closure. The bracelet width is 5.5 cm, while the length is individual, according to the wishes of the customer.

As we know, our organism consists of a large amount of water. In various sources of literature are mentioned that the human body contains approximately 60% to 72% of water. It is located in both cells and between them, as well as in various body fluids – blood, lymph, etc. Many studies are also confirming that water is a carrier of information. When human is wearing the marks – painted, tattooed or as accessories, it’s recorded in the person.

Sign: Austra tree


Everything is alive and growing, both tree and human. Trees around the world symbolize life, death and regeneration. Cosmic – also known as world trees- symbolizing the active life force, appear in the mythology of many nations. The cosmic or world tree symbolically connects underground, earth and the sky. It also symbolizes the beginning and end of a cycle.

What’s at the top – it also at the bottom, what’s at the bottom – it also on the top.  Just like how many stars are in the sky that’s how many stones lye on the ground.

Human energy is linked with trees, and its energy structure is like the tree of Austra. On the other hand, the smallest unit of human structure is a cell which also carries the energy principle of tree. Therefore, the signs of the Austra tree, which are depicted in the ornaments, are different, ranging from very simple to increasingly complex. Like humans, cells are the basic element, then they are grouped in tissues, organs, etc., creating increasingly complex structures.

The ornament in the bracelet restores and sorts information along with the energy at cell and tissue levels. Removes the poisons that have occurred as a result of resentment and anger in itself. The bracelet is worn on the right hand.