Bracelet “Path through the bridges of life”

The bracelet is woven in the old technique without using looms. By specially treating threads they are made to have more density and endurance. The material used is wool and flax. Leather and a hand-made woven braid is used for the bracelets closure. The bracelet width is 5.5 cm, while the length is individual, according to the wishes of the customer.  

As we know, our organism consists of a large amount of water. In various sources of literature are mentioned that the human body contains approximately 60% to 72% of water. It is located in both cells and between them, as well as in various body fluids – blood, lymph, etc. Many studies are also confirming that water is a carrier of information. When human is wearing the marks – painted, tattooed or as accessories, it’s recorded in the person.  

Sign “Cross”

(dynamic or oblique cross)

The cross is one of the oldest elements of the sign found in almost all cultures. It is the meaning of the guardian, the blessing and the carrier of happiness. In ancient Baltic tribes the cross was used as a magical protective sign against all evil. Many other types of cross have developed from the simple cross, as well as cross combinations with other signs.

Cross: The beginning and end of everything. Through the center of the cross, human comes into this world and leaves it.

Dynamic cross – cross sign in motion, in action. Used to eliminate harmful energy, to delete negative information.

The ornament in the bracelet eliminates the negative information that has accumulated throughout many of the human incarnations. It works like a bridge between lives and cleaning up the past. Only by changing the past, human can change the present and future. The bracelet is worn on either the right or left hand.