About me


Life is like a road – not a squirrel wheel. Just like each road has its own stops, this website is one of the destinations on my road, on witch I’ll be inviting, for a shorter or longer period of time, anyone who feels intrigued by my message and offer is invited to be my companions on this road.

It is easy to lose yourself on the road of delusion, where misleading lights wander in the twilight and night, so it is important to see a road which is illuminated and true. As a symbol for this website, I have chosen one of the old Baltic signs called “flaming sun”. The flaming sun tends to be called the derivation of the sun sign – combination of eight-sided rosette combined with other signs. It’s like a heart flower that emits sunlight, shows the way, opens the door and helps overcome the difficulties.

The challenge was, and still is, to discover the practical and a little bit unusual usage of plants that would help everyone in everyday life. That thought occurred to me several years ago, when I read an article from which are made a wide assortment and quantity of incenses from supermarkets.  I was deeply convinced that people in our region should have the opportunity to experience joy, health and harmony from nature.

On this website I will also give you a variety of methods and insight on what I have gained from living in the countryside and being close to the nature also including my spiritual practices and the knowledge I’ve gained. Here you will find information on the incense of herbs, the meaning of signs and plants, as well as how to buy incense sticks made from local herbal ingredients and woven products, the opportunity to introduce a new ritual to your everyday life, thereby reviving the ancient knowledge, skills and understanding of human’s deep connection with nature and its meaning in our lives.



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