About the incense of herbs

In ancient times, the aroma of herbs was called the soul of the herb. It was thought the interaction between two souls – herbs and human – was through the aroma. By burning the herbs, it released its energy, which acts on the human, helping to harmonize the energy of its life.

Beside perfumes, incense herbs today are able to attract more and more people to help them relax, be healed, fill their time and space with new nuances, create a sense of balance and fulfillment. Even today, the incense of plants has a place in different rituals, meditation, and simply in everyday life, creating an atmosphere in their living space. However, the incense herbs have been in human life for a long time, creating peace, helping to focus and look inside to themselves.

Incense herbs are used for aromatherapy, within rituals, to create a personal atmosphere, healing, energetic purification of spaces, or just pleasure and joy.

The whole movement of life force in human depends on breathing, as what we breathe goes deep into our body. To breathe, means to live, life like a painting. By inhaling the aroma, we give to our life a new hue that makes it more whole, more saturated and beautiful. The human nose is able to absorb almost 50,000 scents. Smell is one of the five senses by which we get to know the world. Everybody takes up smells differently, just like life itself. Even more – depending on the mood, the season, or even the time of day – the desire to feel a particular aroma changes for each person. For every mood you have a different aroma, for each season you have a different fragrance and for each stage of life you have a different scent.

In the northern hemisphere, plants encountered with harsher climatic conditions than in warmer lands. Temperatures both during the day and the seasons change their characteristics and energy. They need more durability to survive and spread, so their energy and aromas are stronger. By returning the ancient tradition of northern peoples to incense the herbs, the incense sticks from herbs are made from completely natural ingredients, with the aim to revive the ancient knowledge, skills and understanding of our deep connection with nature and its meaning in our lives.

It is important to remember when you incense the herbs:

  • Use only naturally occurring ingredients.
  • It is important to ensure that the herbs do not burn with flame, but that the aroma is passed through the incense to release valuable fragrance and substances.
  • It is not recommended to incense the herbs too much. The aroma in the room should be soft and pleasant.
  • Different aroma should not be incensed at the same time.

To keep in mind these principles, incense sticks are a great tool for spiritual perfection, harmonization and purification of surrounding area.