Juniper with propolis

From ancient times juniper is a well-known, common medicinal herb used for incense. The juniper’s aroma cheers up and helps clean the living space spiritually, as well as disinfects the air containing various microbes and viruses. Juniper’s aroma is gentle and velvety. Juniper is used to purify the space, increase endurance, it helps against depressive moods, reduce apathy, mental fatigue and it’s used in meditations and rituals.

Propolis is a resinous, aromatic plant origin product produced by bees from different plant buds, bark, and leaves to which enzymes, wax and pollen are added. In ancient Egypt, propolis was used to mummify pharaohs. In tradicional medicine, propolis is known as a health-promoting and healing agent, called natural antibiotic and can be used for a long time because it does not lose its effectiveness. Propolis contains a range of therapeutic agents that help fight inflammation, strengthen immunity, and prevent various diseases. Propolis has the ability to completely destroy microorganisms, fungi and viruses. Popoliss not only sterilizes air in the room, but also is capable of removing unpleasant odors, cigarette smoke and foul-smelling air at home or in the office.

Ingredients: juniper, propolis, charcoal, pine needle


All incense sticks are made from natural ingredients, almost all of which are collected in Latvia. One of the main components of the incense sticks is juniper. Combined with other plants, it produces a variety of fragrances, which are invigorating and healing, and are not similar to the incenses imported from the East. Each one of the plants burns out releasing its energy that acts on our senses and the surrounding space, creating its beneficial effects. In meditation and rituals, these plants help to concentrate psychic energy.

The length of the sticks is about 5 cm, designed to fill a space with the aroma of about 60 – 90m2  while not creating too strong of a scent. The burning duration of one stick is about 15-20 minutes. The five sticks are packed in a nature-friendly wooden twig pack sealed with a bee wax cap. Sticks are also available in other package types, see the section “How to buy” for more.

The long sticks are 17 cm long and, like the short sticks, are intended for room fragrance and creating a mood. The burning time of one stick is about 45 to 50 minutes. Five sticks are packed in a black design cardboard box.