Everything has meaning, the challenge is to understand “what meaning?” Each sign has several meanings, everything depends on how detailed we interpret the sign. You can look at the signs as a historical legacy, perceive them as a design element, or try to understand the information and soul the sign brings to us.

About the signs.


Everywhere and in every moment we have look at and interact with signs. All of our environment and culture is filled with signs. Signs surround us at home, at work, in the city, the countryside, nature, or when we look into our feelings and thoughts. Without signs, we wouldn’t be able to receive or transfer information from generation to generation. The role of the sign is to be a mediator, and as a mediator it provides communication. (V.Celms “Latvian ornament and signs”)

Signs brings us information and energy. From the past to the present, there have been preserved ornaments (a set of signs) that give us a message that has been woven into the ancient belts to help us overcome obstacles and restore ourselves today.

Signs work on the level of human energy, in movement. All the signs grow from a certain spot and emerge back to that same point it grew from.

When you weaving the belt, it is done at all levels (informative, energetic and physical) and brings the weaver’s energy (where is attention, there is energy). Woven belts with ancient signs provides protection when dealing with spiritual practices and working with energy.

Fragments of woven or braided ethnic belts are a way to give your energy to the element of fire before asking for help. They also serves as a means of communication with the spirit of the trees to ask for the help in self-renewal and healing.

Meaning of signs reveals step by step, when you use it in practice.