„Energetic cleaning of home”

 “The big cleaning” everybody should started from themselves

As much as it’s important to wipe the dust off shelves and wash the floors it’s equally as important to clean the house energetically. Most homes or apartments have not been cleaned energetically since they were built and have accumulated a lot of negation, heavy, stale energy and information. The older the house is, the richer history it carries at all levels. Each of its owners has left something behind. Somebody might think it’s all done by repair, but my experience shows that repairs can also awake an old “snoozing” energy that, with time, activates and influences the dwellers. If the house doesn’t feel not comfortable, there are different “troubles” happened, breaking electrical equipment, you want to sell the property, but no one is interested, it indicates that the house should be cleaned out energetically. Like everything in our material world, the living space exists  at  three levels  – material, energy and information. The energy level cannot be cleaned or changed by physical methods, natural forces and other type of cleaning must be used in these cases.

My personal experience has shown that it is necessary to make cleaning  up to three times at the beginning, as the energy layers  lie in several layers. It is good if such cleaning can be carried out at least once a year.

Energetical cleaning should be done with all the elements (water (“dead water”), fire (candle), air (incense plants) and earth (salt)) as each of them purifie a specific energy. Cleaning should be carried out when the moon is descending, or you can look at the best day in the lunar calendar. I usually do the cleaning on the last day of the descending moon.

How to make „dead water” – water that purifies and eliminates.

Pour spring water into a glass jar three days before the intended cleaning (depends from the size of space to be cleaned, select the corresponding volume: 1 l to 3 l). Since the water is able to record information, the labels on the jar are marked with a statement, such as “dead water for space purification” or something similar . I still put woven signs on the jar that clean the energy, eliminating unnecessary information. In a jar of water, a raw mountain crystal should be put in (sold in any store where semi-precious stones are traded). Such prepared water shall be placed overnight outside, where it is exposed to the moonlight (descending moon). In the morning you should bring the jar with water in the dark place and in the evening bring it outsaid again. Repeated the same process three nigths in a row. For cleaning you will need a brush as well to spray the room with water.

About candles – it is best to use wax candles, you can buy small Christmas candles, or divide a longer candle into several parts. You can also make small candles from a wax plate that you can buy at a beekeeping shop. You can also buy wicks there. Self-made always have a greater value.

The incense plants can be collected in summer, wrapped tightly and dried. Incense sticks can also be used. Incense sticks – “Juniper”, “Juniper with propolis” or “Juniper with fir resin” will be the most suitable for energetic cleaning.

The salt – the coarse salt that is available for sale in each food store will be suitable.

Remember, even the actions are in a physical plan, the process itself is energetical, where your mind and attention are important. Insturment is the human itself – where is attention, there is energy.

You must clean each room separately. Cleaning begins with the incense stick or plants, where on the walls, windows, doors, corners of the room, you draw in the air with the incense stick dynamic cross and twisting the cross counterclockwise with your hand and attention (focus).

It is important to say certain words when you drawing and twisting the cross, such as “cleaned up this place” or similar (the same is also when you cleaning with other elements). When the room is walked around the perimeter in a such way, the incense sticks or plants are left on the table until they burns out completely.

Then the same room you walk around the perimeter with a lighted wax candle, moving the candle up and down the walls, corners, doors and windows. You may stay longer in places where you feel heaviness or if there is a feeling  that more needs to be cleaned. When the room is walked around, leave the candle on a table in a stand until it is burns out completely.

Next, the room is cleaned with “dead water” – splashing on the walls, windows, doors, corners of the room the dynamic cross and turning the cross counterclockwise with your hand and attention (focus).

Separately, “dead water” can be poured into the bowl, wettned the cloth and then wipe the doors, window frames, door handles, thresholds, tables and other places that are used more frequently.

Finally, rub a small amount of salt (about a tablespoon) in each corner of the room and leave it there for 24 hours. The salt is then sweeped up and burned.

Each room shall be aired out after such cleaning.

Assessing whether it is necessary to repeat the cleaning can be done by observing both your senses and signs. For example, there may be signs in your dreams that you need to clean again.