Welcome to the website “Flaming Sun”!


This website is for those who want and are willing to take action, to be in harmony with themselves and the universe. Each of us have our own unique way of life, each have our own book to write on how to walk the road of light. Everybody has their own experience on this journey. On this website I offer the tools that can help find the path to this road.

A few tips for the journey ahead:

  • Where lies the attention, there is energy.
  • Energy is neither bad nor good. Human is the one who paves the way – positive or negative.
  • The more a person needs to investin their work,themorea given task takes the attention of the maker, the greater the energy potential of the craft is – in result the value is much greater.
  • You want to know the truth–ask “why?”andbehonestwith Move your attention and energy to what you want to understand and the answer will eventually find its way to you. Skill is to see what’s hiding under the veil and to understand it.
  • The truth cannot be hidden, everything is right next to you. You can learn to see the, seemingly, invisible.